Saturday, October 11, 2008

Make A Change!

I was surprised that the subject here is a boy, he’s been known to possess good heart that he used to help people. Bilaal Rajan inspired other children to dream and to hope. He didn’t just inspire them but he also raised funds for UNICEF. He’s such an ideal young boy that whoever know his philantrophic attitude can attest that he can make big corporation realized that they should help others too by giving donations to less fortunate people. Bilaal Rajan goal in life is to tell the children to maximize their talents, skills and all potentials to achieve changes in life. He’s the youngest ambassador in UNICEF but proved to them that age doesn’t matter with his devotion and capabilities in helping children change their lives for a better world.

Now he made the ‘Make a Change’ book which talks about fundraising tips for activist kids who want to follow his step. The book contains guidelines for youth and topics to help them do amazing things and be creative on their own. Actually even adults could also read it to inspire them in their everyday life. Second half of the book contains eight principles to maximize your talents and skills written to encourage young children and youth to value what God has given you. The book is really a lot of help to everyone especially those who want to make a great change in their lives. Be inspired!


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