Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sewing Fascinates Me

Ruth will participate in an inter-school competition on poem reading and today I left the office at 7pm to ensure everything she need will be there for her tomorrow. I’ve checked her uniform and found that I need to repair buttons that threatens to loose out. I want her to perform spick and span meaning not a single reason to worry about.

It’s good that I’ve been raised to a family that knows how to sew. My father and his brother owned one of the best tailoring and haberdashery shop in town in the 60’s. I remember myself playing with small pieces of textile and trying to make a dress for my doll. Sewing clothes fascinates me but didn’t pursue to master it as I’m afraid that my eyes will suffer the same eye problem of my auntie who was also fond of sewing. Now that I’m a Mom I do some sort of sewing and repairing sometimes as the need arise. I still love sewing!


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