Saturday, October 25, 2008

United Nations Day Parade

Early in the morning we watched the parade of toddlers from our community’s Day Care Center. I was preparing our breakfast when my kids called to watch the parade going on the street just outside our house. It’s actually a celebration of the United Nations Day and the children were in pairs representing chosen countries of the United Nations wearing their national costumes. Of course the kids were so cute and nice in their costumes, they’re groomed to look like their represented nationalities like Chinese, Americans, Asian etc.

I remembered participating in that kind of parade when my girls Ruth and Gen were 4 years old. Ruth was chosen to be Ms. India and even if she wore no makeup then she really looked like an Indian national with just her natural looks. People were saying that she’s the most look-alike face and they were calling her Ms. India.

I just noticed that celebration of United Nations Day now is much simpler.


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