Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We'll Make It!

We had a wonderful bible sharing which took us until 10:30 in the evening and after dinner and many goodbyes we were ready to go home past eleven. After so many weeks of giving time to my other blog ‘My Crossroads’ I’m now resting my body and mind. I’ve refrained for few days now from my habit of working until past midnight.

I got sick from this habit and I realized I should value my health also for me and my family’s sake as well. How could I care for my kids if I’m not physically healthy? Well as I’m finished submitting and applying that to some companies now I’m just waiting for other’s approval. This is so important to me as I’m leaving my work and I plan to finish my employment this December. With my blogs, a small business and God’s help we will make it through.


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