Friday, November 7, 2008

Capturing Special Moments

Having three growing kids give parents a lot of responsibility in all aspects of life. You have to give them everything that they need for them to grow healthy and strong. They also need proper education to equip them with knowledge and skills so they will get good jobs and can face life with confidence. Most importantly they need spiritual awareness and good breeding so they’ll grow up as good individuals with strong faith in God.

Hubby and I always keep in mind to teach them all they need to know guide them in all their school and social activities and give them all the love so they can love others also. Each day we thanked God for giving us the blessing of having our three angels in our life. In their special moments and occasions I tried to capture all memories so when they grew up they will remember the good memories of their childhood. I make it my hobby to catch special moments in my camera and save them in my PC and online storage. I’m trying my hands now on scrapbooking and use my kids’ pictures on them. I know they will like and cherish it.


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