Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Josh' School Program

Have accompanied my son Josh to their school program, no costume for this year just a red santa cap on their head. He didn't advised me what they will be doing in the program, he just told me that they will sing, no props, no costumes, no everything just their presence. I was worried that they have some little instrument or accessory to bring but there's no notes on their notebooks and not even a hint on the notice. Oh well it's ok for me just as long as Josh is happy.

Almost missed the first part but just in time for the opening prayer. As always kids were so cute in their different dresses, polo and slacks. Children are always cute for me! I always find something nice about them. The program went smoothly with much effort from their teachers who guided them in their various presentation. Oh boy they just can't seem to run out of talents-the teachers I mean! They can sing, dance and do anything just to make that their students will perform nicely, some kids are not moving though lol!
Josh' group was the last group to perform and I laughed as he sings, moves, turn around and jumps with much effort with a little winking on me as he moves, funny little boy!


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