Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just Around Us

It's my father's birthday today and even if he's not with us anymore we still want to remember him on his birthday. It's been 11 years since God has taken him to rest his body and even if it took me a long while to recover from his death I thank God that now I can hold my tears from falling when the topic is him. Know why it took me so long? I'm his favorite as what they always say because I look like him and my traits are almost same as him also.

My Mom always tells others that I took many of his talents lol! Well I've got his photographic mind, his flair for writing - he's the speech writer of our town mayor in his time, his administrative skills in office and many other things that my family knew. Some that I got from him are the small simple ways, mannerisms, the way he walks and his temper sometimes! Being a Sagittarian also just like him, and as I've said his looks particularly the eyes and lips.

Well, this will take me so many sentences and paragraphs to describe him and how I missed simple things about him but the most important thing is we really missed him in the house. Now we’re happy that God sent us a small thing to be happy because my youngest, my son Joshua resembles him so much. It reminds us of him and we thank God that now we feel he's just around the corner watching us all..


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