Monday, December 15, 2008

Our 5th Anniversary Thanksgiving

Yesterday we celebrated our church 5th anniversary of staying in our present church location. We move in there last December 14, 2003, same date falls on a Sunday. Our present church home testified to our developing growth in striving for a more personal relationship with God. In that place of worship we've undergone a period of God's pouring of spiritual blessings opening deep revelation messages to us which filtered the true believers from the make believers.

After 5 years of staying in the 3rd floor of a very simple and old building we felt a sense of fulfillment that after the storms of life and faith we're still standing on the solid rock where our foundation is Christ Jesus. All praises are to Him.

Here are some pics after the thanksgiving message of our Pastor. We have pork lechon, cakes and pancit.


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