Friday, December 19, 2008

School Christmas Party

Thank God it's the last day of my girls in school and it's their Christmas party. Spent my night wrapping their exchange gifts and something for their teachers. I always give gifts to my kids' teachers on this season to give thanks and gratitude for their untiring efforts given to their students.

My mom is a retired teacher and I remember her having many gifts from her students even if they're not her advisory class, she's always been the students' favorite because of her kind and caring ways to students. She even give food and money to those students who go to school without allowance.

Since they're big girls now Ruth is 11 and Gen is turning 10 next month they choose their own clothes and you can let them go on their school christmas parties all by themselves, of course they have their service cars. Since Jollibee and Shakey's didn't go back on their proposed food orders I dropped by at the nearest J store to buy my kids food for lunch. I just let them go earlier and I followed after buying their chicken and burgers.

For the last five years in their elementary days I always took a halfday leave to accompany them but this time I only had a few hours stay in school and went to my office just an hour late. I've only watched them participate on some games and when I think it's ok for me to go I decided to leave the school.Time flies fast and before we knew it our children will no longer be kids but just as long as they need our caring and love they will always be our babies.


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