Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fruit Trees Online

Gen asked me to help her do some sort of pot or animals out of clay. It’s their assignment to bring out some images out of clay but she told me to get materials from our garden. Kids are sometimes like that they just repeat what their teachers told them exactly, no explanation or procedures. Anyway since I can’t do this kind of thing without explanation I just accompanied my daughter in school to talk and ask directly how we’ll possibly comply with the required projects. I was actually right in thinking that I should get clay specifically suited for making pots and I can buy them at nursery plant.

The teacher also told me that there are two choices, we can do the clay or just submit at least three vegetable seeds. I was wondering why they want the children to do this kind of project and before I left the school I learned that there will be some display show of agricultural things. Anyway I chose to submit seeds of bitter gourd, squash and beans. I’m lucky that they have stock of these seeds because I don’t have the time to look for these kinds.

I remember a friend who buys her planting materials and fruit trees online. It’s now available in the net, you can order mature fruit trees and plants like Mulberry trees, grapevines, shrubs and flowering bulbs. Imagine having your trees and plants delivered to your home.


Mira January 21, 2009 at 11:10 AM  

Hi sis, thanks for the 2000 ec prize sponsorship, I've added them already to my list of prizes. I'll keep you posted. THANKS!

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