Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meeting An Old Friend

I was talking to a former officemate friend whom I saw recently in the mall while I was looking for a nice pair of shoes for hubby. We were both surprised at our own looks now; we’ve last seen each other when we were still singles, the time when we’re both thin. Now we’ve both gained pounds, she gained 30 and I gained 35 lbs. weighing only 96 lbs. when I started employment in a consultancy firm. Anyway we’re both laughing as we recalled our good times together and reminisced on some unforgettable and happy moments. She has only one child and smiled at me when I told her I have three that at least compensate me for gaining pounds lol!

As we were talking about our families, work and many things about us we were sharing our plans on how we can possibly go back to our desired weight. We were discussing about my diet plan and hers when she asked me if I want to use the best diet pill that she saw on the net. She wants to try it but having some second thoughts on it. I’ve told her to ask her doctor about it so she’ll know the effects of that diet pill. As we both have a busy schedule we promised to call each other and plan another meeting on our convenient times.


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