Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Niece' Birthday

It's my niece May's birthday yesterday, she's my big brother's second child, my goddaughter and my niece who bears the same name as mine she's Rachel May De Leon and I'm Racel De Leon (my maiden name), sounding like she's my own kid lol! She's a sweet niece and I think the most behave among the kids of De Leon, that includes my kids of course! She's a darling!

My two girls planned going there after their classes; they asked their school service to bring them directly to May's birthday. Since they're excited I let them go a little early before me reminding me them to bring extra clothes as I don't like seeing them in school uniforms on social functions or occasions. Josh would have to wait for me since he's too young.

I arrived at the house and saw Josh asleep already, my Mom told me he's waiting patiently for me so I changed his clothes and woke him up when we're both ready. Gen & Ruth were so busy and happy to be with their first cousins and asked me to let them sleep there. Hubby didn't let them as we wake up early on Sundays.

Birthday was attended by May's classmate friends, cousins and family members only. We had pasta, chicken, buko pandan and once again for the 3rd time this month - a birthday cake!


Tom January 31, 2009 at 6:08 AM  

Belated happy birthday, Rachel!

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