Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Warm Protection

On our last camp meeting in Villa Dominga we're welcomed by a very low temperature which was not a shock to us as our Pastor already warned us that we should bring bonnets, sweaters, jackets, socks and anything that will keep us warm and protected from too much cold. Of course we wouldn’t go there without those things and my beanie to ensure protection from head to toe. We always go to our campsites well prepared because staying there for 3 or more days will not be that fulfilling if we will be sick from too much cold.

Our 3-day December camp meeting was such a success and we felt that three days were not enough, if only we have more days to spare. The place was fantastic and very nice, fellowship service refreshed our spiritual being and we were very happy with our camp meeting which served also as a kind of vacation for us even though our time was spent on fellowship. We’ve already made our reservation for Holy Week.


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