Sunday, February 15, 2009

Busy Me!

Been busy lately with so many things about my employment and family activities that I wasn’t able to do the tags for Valentine’s day like the one tagged by my friend Liza, hope she’ll tag me again next time ‘coz I really can’t squeeze my blogging for the past four days. Now I have to catch up with my assignments and some meme. I’m also excited that my boss agreed to talk to me about my early retirement, I really must go because my family needs my full attention now.

Lately I noticed that I’m gaining pounds because this hectic schedule gave me no time to watch what I’m eating. You see I eat a lot if I have something that bothers me, it’s my stresstab! Now I must study some weight loss products that will help me lose unwanted pounds. Today I’ll begin some discipline on my meals and I’ll do this by eating minimal rice vegetables and fish. Hope it will help.


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