Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mitch' Birthday

Went out of the office earlier than usual because it’s my niece birthday and we’re going to host tomorrow’s bible study so I need to go to supermarket for my chicken and sauces. When I called Josh he told me that he’s ready and he’ll just wait for me. My other kids Ruth & Gen were already there in my brother’s house as early as 4pm.

I did all fast and quick and arrived home before 7pm just in time for Josh inquiry to my Mom if I’ll be arriving soon. When we reached Kuya’s house Mitch was so busy entertaining and playing with some schoolmates so we just waited for her inside and had some chikka with my sister-in-law. She and her mom were so happy to see that Josh was so behaved in eating his meal consisting of pasta, chicken and cake.

It’s really tiring to invite guests especially children on birthdays and Ate told me it’s the last because she’s really exhausted from having guests in the house. They had two celebrations in less than a month the first was Mae’s birthday. She just can’t say no to Mitch inviting her schoolmates when she agreed to Mae two weeks ago, it wouldn’t be fair for them – talk about being fair! It’s also my predicament on many occasions because I have two girls so I always buy things in two’s and sometimes in 3’s to include my youngest boy.

I promised myself not to stay long because I’ve so many things to do in the house so when the clock strikes 8 we went home though the kids asked for some more minutes to finish their basketball game.

Here's some pics:


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