Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Heidi & Lister's Wedding

It's my niece' wedding, another wedding after Crisna for which I posted last December. They're both my nieces to my male first cousins Kuya Audy and Kuya Eddie. I saw Heidi grew up from baby to toddler to little girl and to being the woman she is now. Despite some trials that happened in her family she bravely faced the challenges and succeeded. She graduated with two courses Computer Secretarial and Bachelor's Degree in Education.

My father's youngest sister Tya Elvie raised her up until she became a very good preschool teacher. She continued the teaching profession legacy in our clan and loved every single day of enriching the kids’ knowledge. I was happy that she has chosen to be a teacher, one of the most humble and dignified profession. My mom and my two aunties were retired teachers. I love teaching in fact I was the one who taught Heidi how to read the ABCD book when she was 6 years old but I don’t have the patience of teaching more than 10 students lol!

It was a civil wedding only and they will plan for a church wedding in the coming years. They picked me and my Kuya to be one of their sponsors and I was happy to accept it. She grew up with us and we love her. Lister on the other hand became Josh’ favorite as they always play cars when Lister visits us. Mayor Mon Ilagan officiated the ceremony and it was a very enlightening moment as he discussed the value of respect, trust and love in every relationship. He’s a very good speaker owing to his many years in the media I guess. We laughed with his antics and agreed with his advices.

We later had our late lunch reception in Max’s Restaurant in Sta. Lucia Grand Mall with just a few close relatives present in the occasion. Mom and Tya Elvie didn’t make it so they just brought food packages back home.


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