Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Josh’ Inquiries

My two kids always tag along every time I went out of the house to buy food and everything we need. Josh was anticipating last weekend that I’ll do some grocery shopping so he got himself ready for the time that I will announce that I’ll go out. My time was limited because my Mom can’t be all alone in the house for a long time. My eldest volunteered to stay so I went to the nearest supermarket with my two younger kids.

Actually I was eyeing some ice cream parlor too because Josh asked me to look for one. Glad I found the two competing ice cream offering promos so we grabbed it and Josh was a happy kid after that. He’s just happy to pick items from the grocery and excitedly asked about the barcode scanner that the cashier is using. I told him about it and when we reached home we browse some models like Symbol LS2208 which promotes wide usage and very durable too. It can be used also for many applications other than scanning barcode in supermarkets. Josh always has many questions that will make you search for answers.


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