Thursday, May 14, 2009

Extra Luggage

My family is always traveling to different places away from the bustling city of the metropolis. We particularly love to go to far away provinces to spend some days for our camp meeting. Our camp meeting requires us to bring everything we need for 3 days including our clothes and food. The places that we stayed were usually an hour or two away from the nearest market so we need to remember all the essential things needed.

I’m a heavy traveler and I tend to have more than what we need but for me it’s also an advantage because if we extended our stay for another day I don’t have to fear for lack of something. Because my kids are fast growing up I suddenly have a need for extra luggage and I’m seeing some Samsonite luggage to buy and use for our next camp meeting in December. I always want to plan ahead so as early as this time I want to prepare everything for that much-awaited December camp meeting.


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