Thursday, July 23, 2009

Self-Discipline On Foods to Eat

Now that I’m home most of the time I can pick what kind of food I must eat in order to stay healthy and prevent myself from gaining more pounds. Last month was a real struggle for me as it’s my turn over month. I have to keep up with my hectic schedule of blogging at dawn, working in office during the day and doing household works at night then before sleeping checking out some opportunities available. My only rest from all these activities is my travel time from house to office and from office to house. I’ve been called super mom a lot of times and I keep thinking if I’m really like that. I think most Moms are and I’m not an exception.

Being at home away from the busy period of office works give me some small free time for myself which I devote to seriously planning my menu and cooking for my family. This way I can plan my lunch and dinner to consist only of fruits, vegetables and fish recipes. Actually I’ve already worked it out for four days now. If I stick on this balanced diet plan I think I will not anymore think of weight loss supplements to help me shed unwanted pounds. My former officemate tried this kind of diet and she really has a wonderful weight now. I saw her putting off meat whenever she’s eating vegetables with meat ingredients. She’s a disciplined woman when it comes to dieting and it shows in her body. Her petite body can be mistaken for a college student.


proactol May 23, 2011 at 1:01 PM  

Hi there

Wow nice family photo! good to maintain discipline in eating healthy food.


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