Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Busy as a Bee

We're very busy in the school now as we're arranging the food that we're going to set on Friday for the Induction of Officers. It will be an event that will be attended by all officers and we're having our town mayor and some provincial officials to officiate the event. We're pushing one good project for the school so we're doing our best to make it possible. I'm going to write the details of our project if it will push through but as of now I'll opt with the information.

I'm so busy with my kids, their school activities, chores, household matters and blogging seems to be the last on my schedule that's why I'm having a hard time catching up with my assignments and I'm starting to work (again) up to midnight. Oh I promised myself to rest earlier than 11pm but if this schedule continues I don't have much choice. I'm receiving more blessings with regards to opportunities and even though I'm busy as a bee I'm very happy. Anyway I think school will not be so busy next month. Just now I'm off to my bible study!


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