Friday, September 4, 2009

Intermittent Connection

Lately I've been having problems with my internet connection and most of the time it happened on evenings so at least I have the whole day to work on my online tasks. Now I got worried because I'm having frequent connection problems even on daytime which is affecting work, sometimes I'll have to wait for an hour or two before the connection returns or stabilize.

I thought this is only due to weather condition or something but when I learned that my friend's connection with the same provider is stable enough I immediately called the customer service of Smartbro and I'm happy that she has diagnosed that my connectivity problem lies on my antenna. Yes I'm having bad signals lately and Ms. Cameron of Smart (what a nice name huh! from Charlie's Angels?) assured me that their technician will be coming tomorrow morning to fix the problem. I'm happy enough!

So to those sites whom I failed to dropped by and visited kindly bear with me as I go through internet connectivity problems. I'm just chancing out on intermittent connection.


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