Saturday, September 5, 2009

NYC Sightseeing

I love to go places and I always bring my camera with me so I can have some memorable photos to document all the places that I’ve been to. I’ve been stucked for several years in my job in a very tight schedule where I consumed my vacation leave mainly for attending to my kids’ school activities. My work demands that I’ll be at the office always so absences are far from my mind leaving me no time for myself. I’m just glad that I had chances of traveling in line with our church camp meeting fellowship. We held our semi annual camp meeting on far away places so my liking for going to different places coincides with our church travels.

My likings for traveling to various places lead me to browse online for vacationing resorts and great places to visit. Sometimes it helps some of my friends who have the time and money to spend free time going out of the country and vacationing. They asked me to search about places and if they feel that the place is good they plan their vacation on my vacation finds. Recently I’ve browsed through New York Sightseeing sites and found that they have packages for group sightseeing tours which offers visiting to different places in NYC like downtown tour, empire state building observatory, Washington D.C., top of the rock observatory deck where you’ll get to see spectacular views of New York and many other attractions of the city. My former officemate was so happy and excited upon seeing what I have found for her and she planned her trip three months from now.


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