Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ten Things I Hate About Traveling

I love to travel even if I only travel around my country I just love the feel of hopping from one place to another meeting new friends, learning different cultures and seeing beautiful places. But traveling is not always fun and easy, sometimes it tires your body too much you can't go on traveling for more. Anyway here are the Ten Things I Hate About Traveling (this is for land travel only):


1. Heavy rains, on long land travels it's dangerous because the road is wet and it's easy for the car to slip.
2. When the kids are restless and ask for impossible things or things located in the compartment. You have to stop to get what they want.
3. Heavy traffic
4. Long lines in the stop over station comfort room
5. Reckless drivers
6. Delayed departure
7. Can't bring all my necessities (I'm a heavy baggage traveler)
8. When the car breaks down on a deserted road
9. Forgot/Left some important things
10. Can't sleep when hubby is the driver on a midnight long distance travel trip (He might sleep too if everyone is sleeping)


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