Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sleep Deprived

Still feeling sleepless even after a four-hour sleep. I've been working hard every night that I only get around 1-2 hours of sleep for four days because when I work until dawn I also have to wake up before 5am to prepare food and things for my two daughters and then my youngest and hubby. After they were all off to school and office that's the time that I'll do all my offline and online tasks. Pretty much like an ordinary mommy :-) but I'm not accustomed to having afternoon siesta as I've worked for less than 20 years in various jobs and sleeping is not allowed of course except on lunch breaks. I'm not one of those who rests or sleeps on breaks that's why I'm not so keen on afternoon breaks. But I would want to in the future so I can recover from dawntime OT , just a little adjustment I think!


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