Sunday, November 8, 2009

Taking a Nap to Relax

I had a relaxing afternoon yesterday when I let myself take a nap for about two hours before returning to my online tasks. I don’t usually give myself such pampering but I was on a bad blogging schedule for the past two weeks doing my online works until dawn. It started when I pushed with my bathroom renovation project where I supervised the workers almost full time and let all my works be done in the evening up to midnight and until dawn.

It was a bad schedule for me because my blood pressure went down due to lack of sleep. I wish I could have a vacation package just like the Outer Banks vacation rentals I’ve heard from my friend. But because it’s still school season I don’t have a choice but to post phone any plans I have regarding vacation. I can’t imagine leaving my three kids to my Mom while I’m relaxing on a cottage by the beach.


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