Friday, December 4, 2009

Wonders of Lasik Surgery

My sis and I are both wearing eyeglasses but it’s me who wears them since college. She’s luckier as she only has astigmatism and now she finds it comfortable to wear contact lens rather than eyeglasses. We’re completely different as I find it hard wearing them and removing them when you fall asleep when you’re in travel and cleaning them at night. Oh well maybe there’s a kind that’s very easy to use but now I prefer to wear eyeglasses as I don’t feel uncomfortable with it. I think wearing them for several years now makes me get accustomed to it. Lucky for me as other people really has a hard time with wearing eyeglasses, some even said that it would make you look older. Just don’t care about it as being young for me is within your heart.

Anyway even if I’m accustomed to my nearsightedness problem I sometimes find it hard dealing with some of its disadvantages like wearing eyeglasses when I’m playing some of my favorite sports or you always need to wear them when you’re looking from afar. I envy those people who have a 20/20 vision as they can do everything they want without fear of getting blurred vision. When I accompanied Mom to her eye specialist for her cataract operation I learned about the latest innovation in eye problem and that’s the treatment of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism through lasik eye surgery which is being used nowadays.

There are clinics who do this kind of procedure like Lasik Surgery Boston which provides services for an all-laser lasik procedure to correct the exact vision needs of your eyes. This is where modern technology and science helps human as the results are just amazing. I couldn’t find a much better word than that because it’s really amazing. Imagine getting the chance to having a 20/20 or better eye vision again! I would certainly love that! That’s the perfect solution for those people with eye problems on blurred vision. Need not worry about the procedure as its safe, painless and quick.

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