Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back To Healthy Meals

I noticed that when I stopped watching what I eat during meal times I easily gained the pounds that I lost before the holidays. I actually gained some more with plenty of activities last month. I stopped my healthy diet plan to make way for the holiday festivities and anyone reading this should agree that you can’t really go on your diet on holiday seasons. It’s hard to resist dinner invitations with friends, families, former schoolmates and officemates.

Last month was full of festive gatherings and it’s just doesn’t feel right to say no to them so I indulged with full heart. Now I’m back to healthy diet with a heavier body and a good appetite lol! If only my body can adopt the best weight loss pills I’m sure I’m can shed some pounds too. Anyway I can consult my doctor about it. For the meantime I think I’ll go back to a diet of fruits, vegetables and fish to lower cholesterol.

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hi Race
I like to read your posts.
And at the most of the time..I learn different words to my english
have a nice sunday dear

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