Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hubby's Birthday!

It's Ed's birthday tomorrow and since he filed a leave of absence today we celebrated his birthday in advance to take advantage of his presence today. We planned to go to Tagaytay City to relax and have some picnic in Picnic Grove but something came up that the plan was shelved. Since DH is with us today and will be working on his birthday tomorrow it's just perfect to cook and have some bonding today. The kids were happy to see me cooking their favorites when they came home from school. As always we have pasta, cake, chicken and dessert just enough for us and our relatives within our compound. My wish for him is physical and spiritual health. I always thank God for giving him to me - a loving and caring husband. It's his 15th birthday since we're together. I still remember the first birthday he had when we're just over a month as bf and gf.


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