Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Promo Items

Holiday seasons are over and still I have some laziness in getting back to work. Although I’m just working at home now I still make my work on schedule just like when I’m going to work to office. I set my imaginary bundy clock to 9am as my official starting time in writing posts and visiting blogs. I also have lunch breaks and snack breaks just like working outside. I feel so lucky with this very flexible work schedule and I get to do offline and online tasks as scheduled.

It’s good to be working in the comfort of your home especially on holidays as I remember on my previous office job that I was involved in thinking what might be our promotional items for our long list of clients. The usual are small pouches, planner, key chains, ball pens, bags and many more. What I love most that I received from our partners is the personalized USB flash drive which I’m using currently.


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