Thursday, January 7, 2010

Prudent Gen

Gen is saving up for her MP5 player and she wanted me to deposit it on the bank so she’ll not be tempted to get it from me. I admired her frugal ways of saving all her money for the things that she wants. Actually we’ve already found a cheaper brand of what she like but I told her that I don’t trust the shop that we visited and it would be better if we’ll buy a good branded one from one of the gadgets tech shop in Greenhills. One of my parent friends in school who has a seaman husband has been selling one of her MP3 players to me at a discounted price but Gen told me she really wanted a new MP5 player. Oh well for me it’s really best to let her save for it and get the best that she wants because as young as her age she’s learning to save and use her money wisely. That’s a good training when she grows old.


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