Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CCS Golden Jubilee-50th Alumni Homecoming

This is a late post as we've attended our 50th alumni homecoming last Feb. 26. We were like high school again and our batch was the noisiest (just like in our HS days). Imagine we're done with our dinner even before the others has started their own lol! The host batch' speaker describe our batch as having a birthday party as we're the only batch with balloons and cake. We're just happy to see each other again and we've agreed to bring different foods. We have enough foods for three batches and we're able to give some to others.

What caught my interest was the video of successive school years since '60s featuring each generation's uniforms, batch of teachers and some class pictures. Our school has changed a lot from the time it started up to now that it has become not just an elem-high school but a college as well. I missed my teachers who were not there and Ms. Rosas who passed away already last year.


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