Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Life Worthy to Live For

People have their own weaknesses and strengths and we should be able to identify it on ourselves in order to cope up with life’s daily challenges. Handling life’s difficulties always depend on the person’s capabilities to deal with it. We have our own ways of managing our problems. Some seek refuge by turning to God and asking for His spiritual guidance through prayers. Many survive from the help of family, relatives and friends but few keep their problems inside and turn to drugs or alcohol to forget their anxieties. They don’t want others to take pity on them and believe that with the help of drugs they will forget the bad things that happened in their lives.

I have a relative whose long journey with drug addiction has led him to a life with no direction. He has forsaken his family and made his life miserable. Several years ago he has been sent to a treatment center like that of Michigan Drug Rehab and we all thought that he’ll change his ways after his 8-month treatment. He changed for a month or two but after that he returned to his vices because he has some friends which coaxed him into taking too much alcohol. We’ve always been aware that his friends are bad influence on him and that time they succeeded on making him addicted again but this time he became addicted to alcohol.

His immediate family is thinking if they will return him to a drug rehabilitation center to give him recovery program like what Michigan Drug Rehabilitation is doing on their patients but we found out that the cause of his addiction is dealing too much on his frustrations in life. That’s the common problem of people involved in addiction they pity themselves too much that they resort to drugs and alcohol just to forget their miserable life.

The result of my observation shows that some youth who find themselves hooked on drugs and alcohol are those who are seeking special attention from their parents and loved ones. They don’t think that what they’re doing is a problem because they’re having fun with it. The case aggravates because sometimes their families don’t want to let these things out in the open because of embarrassment for the family. But the truth is it’s them who can really help their children who are in the wrong side of the road. By letting them know that addiction is a problem they can very well ask them to let them undergo treatment on trusted rehabilitation center like Drug Rehab in Michigan who can give the proper counseling, behavioral therapies and medical treatment they badly needed. Helping our loved ones change their lives for the better will not only make their lives worthy to live for but happy and peaceful as well.


john March 8, 2010 at 4:27 PM  

Good post...Nice explanation.

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