Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our Crowning Glory

I’ve seen my former high school classmates in our recent 50th alumni homecoming and it was so good attending events like that. You’ll get to see your old friends, maybe your first crush and of course some of your not-so-nice classmates which turns out very friendly after several years. Well for us it’s been 25 years after high school and we prided ourselves that we made it to arrange ourselves a pretty good silver anniversary last December.

Anyway some of the girls didn’t change much except for added weight like me especially those who has given birth too many kids. Some others you will not easily recognize and few men especially from other older batches started to have thinning hair. Maybe they’re not too cautious of their hair because I know that there are many available treatments for hair loss like procerin which is an all-natural treatment for male hair loss. I reckon some people are not comfortable with consulting their problem to doctors because of many personal reasons. If only they knew that some treatment need not be bought with a prescription so it only goes that it’s safe for common usage of men for their hair loss problem. Some says that it’s not important to be so vain in maintaining your hair but to me hair is a crowning glory of a person and it’s a protection of our head as well. Don’t you think so?


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