Friday, April 9, 2010

Holiday Snacking

It’s a holiday today celebrating our country’s National Heroes Day in remembrance to the great heroes that fought for the country’s liberty and freedom. For the working employees and laborers it means a day off from a week’s work and for those who worked on this day it’s a double wage compensation because it’s a red letter day on the calendar or commonly called national regular holiday. I really can’t forget completely my human resource work experience in the office as I keep on remembering the dates and rules on wages just like remembering easy life insurance quotes I have to find for my cousin.

Anyway my sis had a day off and we treated the whole household to a home-made halo halo (a combination of sweet desserts with crushed ice and milk) with all the yummy ingredients we grouped together. We had some hard time in making crushed ice but managed to do it well in the end. We invited some nieces in the compound and we had a real yummy snack with tortillos and breads. It’s all fun for the kids while they’re having online games in both PC’s. We don’t let them play all day; we managed to discipline them in a time-scheduled game schedule in order not to make them addicted to it. Forgot to take pictures of our yummy halo-halo. It’s all gone in a flash.


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