Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Bankable Investment Since the Old Generation

I have an Uncle who in my childhood days often tells me stories of Japanese soldiers and how they struggled through the period that Filipinos were under the Japan regime. It wasn’t a funny story to tell but my Uncle was so proud of himself because he survived the death March and was able to escape the wrath of the war. Of course he’s always the great young Filipino then and as I remember myself listening to his never-ending stories I’m beginning to smile to myself because through listening to him I learned many things. He told me how the old folks are so keen on investing in gold and because the war doesn’t respect anything including your personal belongings they used to hide their gold underneath their house. They dug themselves a hiding place during the most frightening moments and they hide their gold jewelleries there.

Well as a child I was really amazed at his stories and was thankful that I listened to him because that’s a true personal experience and not just the ones you see in movies or read in books. Some of the things he told me are still going on today, not the war but the gold investment. Now we can buy gold coins for our investment but instead of keeping it under our house we can store them safely in our storage box with vault or have it safely deposited in bank. It’s a proven and tested investment of all times because it appreciates value over the years.


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