Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Life After Corporate Work

I still can’t believe that life after corporate world can be oh so busy. When I resigned from my 16-year old employment I imagined a life devoid of stress, quality time, not so busy schedule and daily napping sessions. Well my sites were fewer then and tasks are not so plenty. Now I can say that my life is not so stressful except when I have deadlines, I have quality time with my kids, I can nap whenever I want but still I have a very busy schedule. When I compare my schedule now with my previous one I can say that it’s a lot busier but I’m more productive. It’s one of the good things in my online writing works you’ll get compensated for what you’ve worked work.

Unlike in my previous job that no matter how well you work or how long you’ve been working I just can’t get compensated for my multiple tasks. With the salary I’m getting previously I can’t possibly earn enough to at least save for something or buy gold coins for investment. It’s just work, pressure, complaints from clients and no merits. I know I will not have advancement in career or increase in pay anymore so I left. God has been our guide and helping hand after I left my stable job and He’s been giving me enough income to live comfortably. My kids will soon go to college and as early as now DH and I are preparing for that. Now we’re thinking of good investment like gold coins to see us through the coming years.


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