Wednesday, September 22, 2010

About Growing Up

My two girls are growing up so fast and they’re almost reaching up to my height. I’m 5’3” in height and I think they will catch up on me few years from now. I asked my Mom if we have grand grandparents that will justify the surprising height of my girls and she told me that her father and grandfather were tall. So maybe that’s the explanation of the sudden growing up of my kids, well except for my little boy who seems to be smaller for his age. When he was born he’s one of the biggest in the nursery but now he’s the second smallest in class though I may say he looks cute with his form I don’t want him to worry about it when he grow old. 

When I read about a review by hgh releaser they discuss that height can’t be achieved by hcg but due to genetic hormones. Well my friend told me that some boys grow up fast before their puberty so I’m hopeful that my little boy will catch up on her two sisters. Who knows maybe he’ll be taller than them when the time comes. For now I’ll enjoy this little charmer boy!


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