Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to Driving

DH is now back to driving and he’s been very active lately in bringing back the pickup to good running condition as it hasn’t been used for more than two months.  He checked up the battery and was relieved that it’s still good and just need some recharging.  Every car that’s not in use regularly usually have some little trouble so it’s better to use your car at twice or thrice a week.  Well this is good for second hand cars like ours.  We need to have change oil for the car and install new motor for the wiper.  We’re positive that we can finish with all of our car’s needs before December because we’ll use it for our camp meeting in Tagaytay City.  It will be a long travel for us that’s why we need to have a good running car.  
The kids were happy as we don’t have to wait for long for taxicab which is getting harder to get because they always want contract price for their service.  They want additional fare aside from the flag down rate and meter reading.  They really know how and when to make demands and that’s during heavy rains.  Now we can go home as soon as our church service ends.  I just noticed some few things that should be added also in the car and that’s installing some good quality rain guards that would protect the car from airstreams and raindrops caused normally by rainy season.  
Well with all things that I need for the car I found and was happy to see their wide variety of online automotive accessories.  No need to worry about the brands and kinds available because they have it all for their clients.  Their products can do a lot for your car be it interior or exterior.  You can trust them to give you the best for your car’s performance, comfort and styling.


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