Thursday, September 2, 2010

Balance of Work and Earnings

It’s been a year since I left my 16-year old job to take care of my family and concentrate on earning money through online writing. Even though I resigned from the company my employer in his good heart gave me some retirement money for my savings or to start a small business. He actually didn’t want to let me go but emergency situation in my family forced him to finally let me go. He finally signed my resignation after more than a year of filing it. He’s so dear to me and gave my heartfelt thanks for the years we’ve worked together. 
After being free from corporate world I was unsure first if I’m going to start my dream bakeshop or invest my money on anything that will earn me profit like buying stocks, gold bullion or any other kind that promises good returns. Well I didn’t venture on any business that I had in my mind because I became too busy with adding up sites that it consumed all my working hours. Suddenly I became busier than when I’m working regularly in my previous work. I didn’t foresee that handling many sites is a lot busier and tasking than spending an 8-hour job in corporate world. But I realized also that I can’t earn that much if I stayed in my previous work so it’s just a great balance of work and compensation. If I work hard I’ll earn money and If I’ll work harder I’ll earn more. Makes sense huh!


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