Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Short Vacation in Our Hometown Province

It’s DH semestral break and he’s using up his vacation in general maintenance of the house and checking up Mazy, our car. He’s used to fast paced work in his former 19-year old job and he doesn’t waste any of his free time. We have plans of having vacation because he wants me to have some break from my busy schedule and online tasks but the kids are still in school. They will start having their school semestral break next week when DH would start schooling again. How I wish they have the same dates of school break so we’ll have a longer vacation. 

We’re not going for an Outer Banks vacation rentals although I’m dreaming for that one several months back. We’re just planning a mini vacation in our hometown in Laguna so we and the kids will be able to rest and relax in the peaceful and fresh environment of our province. It’s also less than an hour away from Pacific Ocean so we can go to the beach easily if we want to. Hope we’ll still be able to make our plan a reality.


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