Friday, November 26, 2010

They Love Tanned Complexion

When my SIL had a vacation here last June we were talking about how the English women love her brown complexion. Her English friends would tell her that they would like her skin on their body so they would not need any tanning lotions to help them get the tanned complexion they want. Of course we laughed about it because majority of women here would exchange their brown complexion for very fair skin; in fact most of them use bleaching and whitening creams just to reach the effect of flawless white skin.

It’s always been a common expression thought in the minds of the people here that to be beautiful you must have white complexion. As for me it’s not in the color of your skin but of how healthy the skin is besides black or brown is also beautiful. There are some international beauty queens here that doesn’t have fair complexion and they’ve proven that it’s not a hindrance in attaining success in life.


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