Monday, March 21, 2011

Comfortable Bed for the Kids

The kids are finally sleeping now and I’m happy to see that they’re comfortable with their bed. We’re planning to buy a folding bed for them last December since they also have another room upstairs and they just wanted to sleep in the ground floor beside our room. When we saw how functional and beautiful the sofa bed is we immediately changed our plans and bought the bed even if the price is a little more expensive than the original plan we have. We know that it’s worth the price and the kids were so happy with it. 

Next year we’re planning to add more cabinets and possibly change the queen size bed into the king size platform bed I saw online. I feel in love with the simple and elegant designs and thought of owning one from them too. I love searching for various kinds of beds because it’s where we rest our body from fatigue, stress and daily activities of our life. Here’s one kind I saw on the site.


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