Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Workout Regimen

I’m glad that I was able to return to my workout regimen yesterday after a two-week lapse. I was worried that I’ll go back to the first module but when I started it I was able to finish 5 sets and consumed 40 minutes. That’s way too good for someone who didn’t exercise for 2 weeks. I was on a one hour workout before I took a break and sometimes I go beyond the one-hour time I’ve put as my minimum workout time. 

Anyway I’m happy enough and promised not to take a long break again because I know my health and physique will suffer from it. My cousin is taking some supplements while working out and he asked me this week if I’m taking the best pre workout supplements now that I’m also having a regular workout. I told him that I don’t need to take it because I don’t have plans of building my muscles. I only want a healthy and fit body. I don’t know with others but muscles are not for me. DH will not approve also.


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