Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's My Lucky Charm

I tried answering this quiz about knowing my lucky charm because I was curious what it's all about. Well the answers made me see what kind of a person I am. Anyway these qualities below somehow reflects the real me and I can say it's 80% true. The fact about being unpredictable is not me as I always want to plan ahead of time taking the path that I know would make me happy rather than make me rich.

Here's the result of my quiz, you can try this too:

You Are Bamboo
You are a very independent and unpredictable person. You do things your way, and you never know what turn your life will take.
You are very intellectual and logical. You try to think things through carefully, in steps.

Sometimes it seems like you are unemotional, but you try to have your emotions work for you instead of against you.
Those who know you best know who loyal, compassionate, and supportive you are. You are a very admirable person.


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