Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Data Privacy and Security Liability

With the influx of high technology and modern innovations more companies now are having their office procedures and work flow systematized for better output and fast transactions. Well high technology has its advantages and disadvantages as well because when all the systems are in network control there are more possibilities of lost of data and hacking. I’ve read some facts about breach incidents that can be ascribed to lost media, storage devices and laptops. There are plenty of incidents of accidental data posting or losing data because the laptop is stolen. 

With all these incidents data security is at stake and in danger because those data lost can be sold to companies that need client names, social security number and other important information. Thus complete Data Privacy and Security Liability  insurance is certainly needed to assure protection of such data. It covers liability arising out of unauthorized access to confidential 3rd party data including theft, loss of paper records, data breach loss and a lot more. Beacon Hill provides all these protection with other coverage for Pollution Insurance, Site Pollution, Environmental Contractors Insurance and Premises Pollution Insurance. They have packaged insurance coverage for environmental contractors and consultants. Beacon Hill works with the famous carriers in the business and has been an established leader in providing wholesale access to environmental insurance markets.


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