Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holiday Vacation Villas

It’s summer vacation here in our part of the globe and most of my friends are spending their holidays either here or abroad. They have planned in advance at least 4 months before the intended holiday because they want to be assured of a good price deal in their vacation bookings. I would also love to spend some few days off my work to enjoy vacation with my family but I was offered a new job and I’m working on it now. Now with the current part-time office job I have and the online writing I’m engage in I can’t fit a real vacation for my family. Anyway I just talked to my SIL last week and she told me about their dream holiday vacation in one of the beautiful beach resorts in Mexico and stayed in Cottages during their vacation. 

They stayed in hotel on the first part of their stay then decided to hire cottages for a more convenient and flexible accommodation. It’s her first time to hire cottages direct from the owners and she finds them very accommodating. She told me that she has managed to request for some friends who visited them to stay for a night and she’s happy to have an internet connection there. She has had many vacation experiences in the past having vacation in Europe, Egypt, Asia and in some other popular places but she never experienced renting cottages from the owners themselves. It was quite an enjoyable experience for her and is now thinking of booking in Turkey villas next year. She liked the idea of direct booking and it’s so flexible with the busy life she has. 

With direct booking to owners she can deal with them directly if there are changes in her schedule and she’ll have no problem with asking for some petty requests. Also it’s more affordable to her budget because it has no agent fees. She can bring the whole family and some of her close friends and hire a villa which can accommodate them all. There are plenty of beautiful villas, apartments and holiday rentals available for all her vacation needs. She likes having grand vacation because she’s a workaholic and it’s only on vacation that she can really rest and be free from the stress of daily life. It’s good to get away from your usual environment and see beautiful places, learn other country’s culture, get to meet other people and spend some days relaxing and enjoying the beauty of life.


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