Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy with New Gadgets

My cousin, my sister and I went on gadget shopping last Saturday. My cousin asked us to accompany her to Virra Mall so she’ll have someone to advise what to buy. We’re the same group who bought my laptop and my sister’s net book last year and now it’s her turn to buy her own. She’s not familiar to computers and let alone laptops, net books and some other gadgets so she really needs our company to choose the best for her.

After 3 round ups with the store we finally settled for the one whom we bought our laptops last year. They have the best deals and we love how they deal with the clients giving us freebies on software and accessories. Cousin was so happy with her new net book and we decided to look for new mobile phones. Of course my eyes always lingers on HTC incredible s phone but I already have my own Windows Phone three weeks ago. I was actually looking for wifi phone for my hubby, for my father’s day gift to him which is actually my anniversary gift also last month, kind of bundled up in one gift lol! 

The phone we bought was the best selling one these days that’s why we had a hard time with some shops because they run out of stock and we didn’t want to buy separately. We’re happy to finally found some good stocks in one big phone store and went home happy with our new gadgets.


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