Friday, June 17, 2011

Renters Checklist When Choosing a House to Rent

We always thought that those who are satisfied house renters are the one who made a broad preparation before they decide to move in one place. We call those individuals or group of people as wise renters. They always think many times and look for possible houses to rent available within the community or nearby cities before they finally choose their best dwelling place for temporary or for long term stay. Wise renters examine carefully the surroundings of the house and make some inquiries from other people who know the place.

Accessibility of the house is another aspect to consider. Most people look for houses with easy access to public transportation especially on places near light railway transit or train so they can still be early for work even on heavy traffic days and rush hours. Having a house in a place where there are available bus transportation is a plus also as it can carry more passengers than the small public vehicles. Our neighbor works in a place with no public vehicles but his employer provides shuttle buses so their employees will be able to comply with the work schedule time.

Once the renters decided to move in Pretoria they become aware of household things especially their monthly consumption of electricity and water because those are very important items of the renter’s checklist. Renters should study and maintain helpful ways to apply all energy saving tips given by the authorities. Using some energy saving devices like compact fluorescent bulbs or CFL can help to ease the monthly electric bill. Make it a regular habit to clean all light bulbs and remove all dust in it so that it can emit the right brightness. Renters must avoid using defective and old appliances with high wattage. Renters always check if there are defective pipes in their toilet and shower room because broken pipelines surely will contribute much in the water bill. 

When the renters choose the finest and safe houses in Johannesburg they will benefit from the spacious carport or garage because some of those houses had a big terrain. Some also have beautiful landscapes and Bermuda grasses safe and ideal for their children. Renters preferred a house with unique style inside and outside and Johannesburg has plenty of that kind. All furniture in fully furnished houses is in good condition and fitted with the right color and designs. Johannesburg is very near the government and private offices, shopping malls and public market for their usual daily needs.


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