Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Call All Wireless Landline Phone

My new call all wireless phone has been such a great help to us. Aside from having a landline number in the house I can also carry it anywhere I go and I can call to any place in metropolis when I’m in the province. It’s actually an extension of my brother’s privileges in his current landline phone provider who gave him two wireless numbers to use aside from their regular wired landline. I just learned that I can buy a specific phone unit to attach my SIM but I’ll have to wait until I’m free from work before I can go to the office. Anyway I thought I can attach the SIM to the phone we have in the house with aaa rechargeable batteries but found out that it’s not for wireless phone numbers. Oh well for now it’s attached in one of our mobile phones and will be there until I purchased the specific phone for it. That is when I’m free from my very busy schedule.


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