Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Health Risk for Diabetic Patients

It’s hard to have diabetes because this condition demands attention and rigid monitoring. MIL got sick and discovered that she has diabetic blood five months ago. She was immediately put to a strict diet where her doctor gave her a calculated meal plan which measures up to the right amount of food and exact amount of calories and sugar on the day’s menu. I only heard it from others that having it is like a burden that you have to deal with for a long time because if you didn’t take care of yourself complications will arise. Though MIL is into medication she makes sure that she monitors the effect of the medicine on her and she never relied on it fully. She also tried some herbal medication because she was afraid that constant taking of such medicine may immune her from the effect of the medicine.

Lately I’ve heard that Actos, an oral medicine for diabetes has been found to cause serious illnesses such as cardiovascular and bladder injuries. Those people who are taking Actos in the past and had developed such diseases may have gotten them from taking the mentioned drug. They can file an Actos lawsuit so they can get their products liability claim or whatever is due to them. Actos Injury lawyers can help affected people in this area as they have the capabilities and professional experience in handling not only injury cases but other cases as well.


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